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Timorasso - Piemonts weibes wunder (de)



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Dopo Terroir Vino 2011 (it)

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Quatar pass per Timurass - 2011 (it)

Slow Food - Claudio Mariotto, true farmer

In the late eighties a bold manufacturer of Tortona few strains recovered in old vineyards in the area of a white grape variety but disappeared, and even forgotten by the older wine: it was the winemaker timorasso and that was Walter Massa.
At a distance of about twenty years the scenic hills surrounding the town of Tortona - famous for having hitherto soppravvisuto or cycling champion Fausto Coppi's - have become a hotbed of young talent who have been able to follow in the footsteps of the charismatic Walter .
Among these producers is one of the most interesting Claudio Mariotto, true peasant, who has managed to transform the family business producing wines very personal, and gradually more and more interesting and enjoyable.
Mariotto can count on 15 and 10 acres of property for rent, for a total output reaches 50 thousand bottles, divided up between several types that fairly reflect the strong character of the area he sees as the main grape varieties, in addition to timorasso, Barbera and croatina.

Gigi Piumatti


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Colli Tortonesi Martirella


31.10.2009 - VINO E DINTORNI

Timorasso: the best Piedmont white?

Who: Le Mie Degustazioni
Where: Piemonte>Alessandria

Wow... each time I taste a wine of this type I cannot help but be amazed, struck by the very pleasant, high olfactive integrity and the similarity with what I see as the “putative” father, the Riesling Renano, as discussed in depth here:

TASTING NOTES by Winetaste
Timorasso wine - Derthona 2007 - 14°vol.

This wine is wonderful right from the colour, an intense golden yellow; to the nose, it recalls the very best Riesling Renani: hints of “gunpowder”, hydrocarbons and good intensity; to the palate it is dense and pleasant, the 14º vol. are not perceived; one sip leads to another: full-bodied it opens up beautifully in the centre of the mouth, where the notes perceived at the nose are revealed in full, a good acid shoulder with a light, pleasant hint of hazelnut in the background. Great sensory balance, magnificent finale in the mouth with a flavour that remains for interminable minutes.

A wine that caused me to definitively fall in love with this type, a great white Piedmont, indeed Italian wine.

To be classified excellent/optimal according to the key below.

So is Timorasso really Piedmont's best white wine? I have always firmly believed so, the last missing piece is the longevity of the wine, but I already have a selection of wines dating back to around a decade in my cellars ready for a vertical wine tasting session, and its hold over time will either confirm or deny this belief.
To our health, dear readers, with the magnificent Timorasso Derthona of Claudio Mariotto, wine producers in Vho.

Roberto Gatti

August - September 2009 - Sapori d'Italia

Risotto con pera Madernassa, nocciole e formaggio di malga (it)


Tasting Date: 05/01/2008 Score: @@@@@

Poggio del Rosso 2004

If called to mention a positive event of recent months’ tasting sessions, in all likelihood it would be difficult to avoid recalling Claudio Mariotto, wine producer in Vho: style, personality, character. These are the qualities you recognise immediately in his wines without having had much to do with them.
You therefore go back to him for his ultra-personal version of the Barbera: vinified pure from arcanic vines with low yields (less than a kilogram per plant) and placed into new woods, proposed in the bottle without filtering. Hats off. You are faced with a brilliant, captivating glass: intense ruby, vivid, only in reflections vaguely granite. The fabric is close-knit over a generous weave (14º) and launched in well-defined arches, with straight, clear-cut columns.
Clean to the nose, ruddy and enveloping: with this opening of ripe red fruit and trace of dried plum. In the centre, it becomes more carbonic, as the oxygenation reveals more complex notes of liquorice and coffee and a finale that sweetens through to the sour cherry.
Sweet palate that attacks sharply and decidedly, only to continue full and rounded. Growth then continues through to a brilliant finale with gentle, well-guided tannins firmly dampening down residual acidity for a very satisfying result. At longer intervals it has an aftertaste with a little chilli pepper.

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May 2005 - Decanter

Claudio Mariotto Colli Tortonesi, Piemonte

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