Philosophy of the winemaker

The life of every day in contact with the vineyard, the winemaking techniques used and the care that is followed every step of the production process, from the ripening of the grapes, the best lots of wine aging in barrels, to ensure wines of Claudio Mariotto a high quality standard and can offer the connoisseur a complete selection of the best wines from the hills of Tortona.

The philosophy pursued by Claudio Mariotto, wine-producer, is not limited to simply taking care of his vines. For the last year or so, he has actually been using his own, self-produced electricity thanks to the photovoltaic panels installed on his farm roofs.

The choice to install the photovoltaic panels on the roofs was made because this option left the land free from concrete plinths, meaning that our vines could continue to enjoy the same loving, careful cultivation as they always have.

Indeed, the Vini buoni d’Italia (Good Wines of Italy) Guide, in collaboration with Verallia, has therefore chosen to award Claudio Mariotto the prestigious EcoFriendly 2013 prize.