Campo del Gatto

Vine: Dolcetto (Nibiö, ancient clone) 100% from select vines in the Municipalities of Tortona and Sarezzano
Exposure and altitude East - 300 m above sea level

Soil characteristics: calcareous-clay
Cultivation system: Guyot (4,500 plants per hectare)
Vine age: approximately 50 years old
Yield per hectare: 7,000 - 8,000 kg/hectare
Hervest: immediately after mid-September, harvested by hand into small wooden baskets
Vinification: Pressing is not too energetic with the must thus obtained collected into stainless steel “fermentini” for maceration (8/10 days), after which it is drawn up and subsequently refined
Alcohol content: approximately 13.5° vol.
Colour: ruby red with purple hues and a foam that can give rise to violet hues
Nose: winey, fragrant, exuberant when young. Regales hints of red fruit and sour cherry to the nose. Pleasant, complex bouquet when mature with mentions of almond
Palate: dry, full-bodied, persistent with a delicate tannic sensation
Serving suggestions: a pleasant accompaniment throughout the whole meal; exalted when served with Piedmont starters, cured meats, roasts, white meats and local soft or semi-hard cheeses
Packs available: boxes of 12 bottles