Vine: Freisa, Bonarda P.te and Barbera grapes. Grapes selected from the “Martirella” vine variety in Vho
Exposure and altitude: south-west, 250-300m above sea level
Soil characteristics: calcareous-clay
Cultivation system: Guyot (5,000 plants per hectare)
Vine age: 25 to 40 years old
Yield per hectare: 5.500 kg/hectare
Harvest: early October, harvested by hand into small wooden baskets
Vinification: maceration in contact with the skins for ten days with some pumping over. After a few months spent refining, it is bottled under a March moon as ancient tradition dictates, to exalt its lively freshness
Alcohol content: approximately 12-13° % vol.
Colour: bright ruby red
Nose: fragrant, unbridled, winey with hints of red fruit
Palate: harmonic with a lively, well-amalgamated vein, a good body and soft fabric in a bright, involving happiness
Serving suggestions: a wine that can well accompany the whole meal, whether pasta dressed with meat sauces or red or white meat prepared according to traditional and international recipes. Excellent served with agnolotti pasta and dressed polenta, but even better as an accompaniment to mushrooms and truffles or fondues, finishing up with game, braised or casseroled meat

Packs available: boxes of 12 bottles

Commento del vignaiolo
Martirella ... a vine, a wine. Planted by my father in a specific area of the high hills of Vho, the unique combination of microclimate, soil and three vine varieties (Barbera, Freisa and Bonarda) successfully give us a unique, rather rebellious, exuberant and slightly “pétillant” wine.