Mosto Parzialmente Fermentato L’INDAGATO

Our refined wine

SOIL Calcareous / clayey
CULTIVATION The vineyards are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or systemic products
HARVEST Mid/end of September
VINIFICATION From a soft pressing follows a period of decantation of the must to naturally separate the turbidity. Fermentation takes place according to strict rules in order to obtain the classic froth from which the typical bubbles derive. Its natural sweetness is obtained by stopping the fermentation by controlling the temperature
AGING It is briefly refined in the bottle before selling
COLOR Intense yellow with golden reflections, vivid and sparkling
TASTING NOTES Wide, intriguing, engaging and unique, it recalls hints of fresh fruit, from banana to apple with a particularly fine almond taste. Clean, rich, velvety, with a moderate acidity that acts as an element of balance in the presence of sugar